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At Menkaa's Pilates & Reformer Studio, we use an unique concept to help you achieve a healthy mindful image through efficient pilates coaching to submerge your mind and body into Pilates exercise and thus achieve effective results. This is coupled with intense image consultation to achieve yourself as a supreme persona. Practically, this is a 3 step process that is linked with mind, body and image. Our focus is to upgrade and work on your inner strengths and soft skills with a mind coaching motivational programme. Enhance your lifestyle and personal appearance with our special self assessment consultation. We strive to magnify and strengthen the standards of Pilates workout.
Menka Vaid
Menka Vaid is a successful mind and pilates coach, based in Mumbai with 25yrs of fitness experience. She is the founder of Menkaa's Pilates & Reformer Studio, a temple of physical and mental fitness. Through Menkaa's Pilates & Reformer Studio, Menka endeavours to help her clients understand and use their unique innate strengths and create a winning image for them, so that they can be more productive and successful in all walks of life. Menka plans to work with individuals who seek to win and with progressive organisations who wish to help their employees achieve success and happiness.
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